The Beginning

I’m Ariel- a work from home single mom. I’ve been thinking about doing a blog for sometime now but never knew where to start which was holding me back from starting at all. I finally decided to take the leap and do it! When I first started to create my blog it kept asking me to define what my posts will be about, trying to put them into a category such as self development, travel, cooking, etc. But I don’t want my posts to be limited. I will write about any and everything- all of it. Sharing my own stories, views, experiences, as well as others. Hitting on topics some may seem as taboo. I’d love to hear suggestions of subjects you’d like to read and discuss so don’t hesitate to send some my way in the comments, by email which can be found under Contact on the menu drop down, or at any of the social media accounts linked below. I’m so excited to begin this blogging journey and hope you all enjoy it as much as I will! -A